The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
Online Project - Discovering YOUR Place in History Since 1999

Day My Parent Was Born Teacher Information

This is a simple online research project where students are guided (with directions) to find historical facts as they pertain to the day their parent was born (or the day anyone was born).  It includes five (5) easy to use activities that may be used by students in grades 4 through 12.
The links include:
Students discover musical trends, artists, and hit songs from the era studied.
An inflation calculator allows students to compare the worth of currency now and then.
Famous artists birthdays
How old would people be if they were born on a planet with a different rate of rotation.
Birthdays of historical figures.
A data recording sheet, which can be printed or inserted into a word processing program,  is included.
The project is designed to be completed in one class session.
Follow up activities might include class discussions, student created presentations, further research to "flesh out" the facts, or any other activity you might develop to fit you teaching needs.

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