The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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The Day I Was Born Online History Book 
Individual Students
will use this link to view all results or to add the singular most important historical event occuring on their birthday. After you access the webpage you will see instructions at the bottom which should help you explain the process to your students.  This feature was added to the project in August, 2002, however the software used became obsolete and not accessible online.  A new "History Book" was designed in May, 2012.

Results by Year of Graduation . This page is for Teachers to input student voted 'favorites' and 'most important' choices as well as for students to view these results. Students may search within these results and you can input your class results via the 'Enter Record' button. This feature was added in July, 2002

Online Students Results  shows you links to work posted by teachers on their own websites. You may use this feature to view or add your link to your students work.

Below you will see older results, including  'The Day My Parent Was Born' ,  Teacher's results (if they researched their own birthday), and students results.

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