The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Can't Find What You Need?

To find the information you need:
1. Type a word or phrase into the Search box (where you see "Google Custom Search)
2. Click the "Search" button
3. Read the choices given and click on one that you think will help you find what you need (you may have to scroll down the page)
4. After you find what you need, record the information in your handout
5. Click you browser back button to return to the project
6. Click a link on the right (--->) to go to the next project page

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Project Links to Return to After Your Search

B. The Man in the Moon & You
C. Literary Giants were Little Babies once 
D. What else is New/s?
E. Rock & Roll Baby
F. On this day--New York Times
G. The History Channel
H. The TV Channel
I. Your Toys
J. At the Movies
K. What's in a Name?
L. If you were a Viking Baby
N. Tell us what YOU think!

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