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K. What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name...  

Your parent's very carefully chose the name you would carry for the rest of your life. But what does it mean?

When you get to the website you should look fo rthis:


1. In the Search Box, type your name & click on 'Search'.
2. If your name appears without a meaning then click
the hypertext (underlined) name that you see (even if the spelling is different.

You might have to keep clicking the hypertext until you finally find the meaning of your name.

Then record your results.

To find out how many days since your birth click on the mouse.

Click on the mouse to find out what your name means.
Behind the Name


Fun & Interesting stuff related to names:

A Greeting from a 'guy' named Ed.
He's the horse, of course (ask some old person about this)

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  See what your name looks like in Viking runes (the Viking alphabet).

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