The Day I Was Born
Sunday, June 23, 2024
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E. Rock & Roll Baby

Songs your parents rocked you to when you were born!
If you are not familiar with the tunes or artists you find in this next website, ask your parents to sing a few bars. But don't make fun of them if they do.

After you click the mouse image, this is what you'll see.  Make sure to check Birthday in Music, then select the day and month of your birthday.  DO NOT CHANGE "ALL YEARS" -- KEEP IS AS IT IS.  Record the data in your handout and then click the back button to return to the project.

Click on the mouse to see which musical artists share your birtday.

Now you will use the same website to find "Events in Music" (look above at the photo example).  Be sure EVENTS IN MUSIC is checked, then select you day and month (not the year)

Click on the mouse to see what was happening musically on your birthday. After you get to the site you'll scroll down and click on your birthday.'



Fun Stuff:

Watch the Beatles talk about their music and it's impact during the early days:


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  News about your birthdate from one of the world's major newspapers.

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