The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
Online Project - Discovering YOUR Place in History Since 1999

G. The History Channel

You probably didn't realize that The Day YOU Were Born is now a part of history!

After you click on the mouse image, below, look for this:

You will
1. Click on View Calendar
2. use the red arrows (shown above) to go forward or backward on the calendar to find your month
3. click the day you were born.
4. watch the video and write important information (especially the title) on your handout
5. click the browser back button to return to the project

To find out what happened in history on your birthday click on the mouse.


There are only a few more activities left in this project
 so please don't give up, and don't start feeling like this

Next Link:

  The TV Channel
  What was everybody (except your parents) watching on TV

  the day you were born.

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