The Day I Was Born
Monday, June 24, 2024
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  Find out how old you are in DAYS
  The moon looks different each day of the year.
  What did it look like the day you were born?
  What the heck is a literary giant?
  A literary giant is a writer.
  There's a lot of information on the website you are about to visit.
  You need to find the cost of a postage stamp.
  Songs your parents rocked you to when you were born.
  News about your birthdate from one of the world's major newspapers.
  You probably didn't realize that The Day YOU Were Born
  is now a part of history!

  The TV Channel
  What was everybody (except your parents) watching on TV
  the day you were born.

  Your Toys
Take a trip down memory lane.
  You'll have a ball with this site.
  At the Movies
  When you were born a star was born,
  but what were the other stars up to that day?
  What does your name mean?
  See what your name looks like in Viking runes (the Viking alphabet).
 Google it!
 We invite you to give us your feedback.
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