The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Class of '65


St. Philip Neri School
Metairie, LA, U.S.
Catherine Campanella-Grades 5-8
Literary Giant- Mary Warton (b.1912) Writer

Cost of a postage stamp-3 cents

President-Harry Truman
Vice President-none

New York Times--Most Important News:
August 1947-India and Pakistan becoe independent after 200 years of British rule.

History Channel--Most Important News:
Jackie Robinson joins the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first Black man to play in baseball Major League


Favorite Toy-cap pistols, Lionel trains with wooden tracks, Schwinn tricycle, Legos are invented.

Favorite Movie-Tarzan and the Amazons-Johhny Weissmuller and Maria Auspenskaya

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