The Day I Was Born
Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Class of '75

1957 & 1958

St. Philip Neri School
Metairie, LA, U.S.
Catherine Campanella-Grades 5-8
Literary Giant-- Ben Johnson (b. 1572) & Victor Hugo

Cost of a postage stamp: 3 cents (1957) then 4 cents (1958)

President:Dwight David Eisenhower
Vice President: Richard Nixon

Music: "Heartbreak Hotel"-Elvis & "Whole Lotta Shake''n"-Jerry Lee Lewis, Lyle Lovett is born.

New York Times--Most Important News:
James Dean dies in auto crash

History Channel--Most Important News:
Charles Lindberg awarded Distinguished Flying Cross

TV: "The Honeymooners", "I Love Lucy", "The Untouchables", "Queen for a Day", "Dennis the Menace"

Favorite Toys: Tonka Trucks & Slinky

Favorite Movies: "Jailhouse Rock","Rear Window", "The Bridge on the River Kai"

Girl's Names which occured most often: Ann & Cindy
Boy's Names which occured most often: Tony

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