The Day I Was Born
Friday, June 02, 2023
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Department of Education, Government of Western Austrailia

The Day I Was Born

Project Coordinator: C Campanella, St. Philip Neri School Louisiana
Email: Country: United States of America
Checked: Nov 2001
SCIS No: 1069885

Overarching Learning Outcomes:
Develops Literacy, Numeracy,
Information Skills; Uses Technology; Solves Problems

Related Topics:
Cross Curriculum: information and research skills, data collection, compilation and analysis
Mathematics: Chance and Data
English: forms of text : report writing
Learning technologies - email, word processing,

Phase of
Development: Middle Childhood - Late Adolescence

This is an online
research project developed for students at St. Philip Neri School. It can be
adapted for years 4 through to 8 and is designed to teach students how to
research and record data using the Internet. They then organise their
information in the form of a written paper. The site above contains links to
sites to begin researching, a project handout to record data and a project
outline to assist students when writing their papers. There are also expanded
instructions for older students. When the project is finished, students can
email the class/school hosting the project with their impressions and comments.




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