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Week 21 - Internet - Category Searches

Category Searches on the Internet
There are several ways to find what you're looking for on the Internet. We've talked about the different web browsers, search
engines, and search stategies using words and phrases. Now we'll talk about using the CATEGORY options.

In a category search you must "use your head" to gradually narrow down your choices from broad categories to more specific
categories. An example, if you need information about the Battle at Gettisburg" would be to start at:
then select "World History"
then "American History"
then "Civil War"
then "Battles"
then "Gettisburg"

This sounds like a tedious process (and it can be) but it is very useful for two diverse purposes:
1. to zero in on SPECIFIC TOPICS
2. WHEN YOU ARE NOT QUITE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR--as you are guided from the very broad to the very

Student Activity:
1. Go to Yahooligans (see website of the week) to find "Anagram Insanity" (which is an online computer word game) NOT by using
a keyword search, but using CATEGORIES ONLY.

2. Use Yahooligans to do a keyword search for the same game.

3. Discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of each search method.

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