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Week 26 - Internet - Internet Maps

Internet Maps

Most Search Engines (Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, etc.)include mapping capabilities. If you see some reference to "maps" chances are that if you click there you will go to a site which allows you to type in an address and within seconds a map will appear, with the address identified.

Many mapping sites also allow you to input a beginning and ending address and will present you with a map (and sometimes several maps) with written directions to and from the addresses. Some sites even allow you to choose whether you would like a map and directions which are either the fastest, most direct, or which use major arteries. These
directions are not fool proof, and a disclaimer tells you this, but most can be relied upon if you also check standard maps just to be sure.

Other features of mapping sites include; giving you options to find nearby businesses, giving you the name, telephone number and/or email address associated with the destination address, and enabling you to zoom in or out to very close or remote distances.

When my family was planning a trip to Tennessee to it relatives I used the Yahoo mapping site--which defined every turn, every road, the time it would take, and the distance between each point--all perfect.

Once again, before you head out check standard maps and/or with someone who knows the area/areas just to be sure. Last summer I needed to go to the West Bank for a teacher in-service session. The directions were perfect--except for the first 4 instructions which had me going around the block to pass to my own corner before heading in the right direction.

For the "Yahoo!" mapping site go to
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